Sheilah Sweatman Memorial Fund for Fort Whyte Alive

Volunteer Nelson Search and Rescue team member Sheilah Sweatman lost her life in the line of duty on June 29th, 2011.

The Sweatman family created a memorial fund in her honour through Fort Whyte Alive. Fort Whyte Alive, based in Winnipeg Manitoba, is dedicated to providing programming, natural settings and facilities for environmental education, outdoor recreation and social enterprise. In so doing, Fort Whyte promotes awareness and understanding of the natural world and actions leading to sustainable living. The funds will be used to promote education and participation in activities, not capital projects that would use up the fund.

The Sheilah Sweatman Memorial Fund is a perpetual fund for whatever projects Fort Whyte Alive deems appropriate to accomplish their long term goals. Donations to Sheilah’s Memorial Fund should be directed to the Winnipeg Foundation who administer the investments and will issue tax receipts on Fort Whyte Alive’s behalf.

To donate to the Sheilah Sweatman Memorial Fund, please click on the link below:

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