An amazing survival story

The call comes in of a male that has fallen into Kokanee glacier

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A crazy day!

Pic by John Tweedy

So when a call comes in of a snowmobile in avalanche terrain that has fallen down a mine shaft a 100′, how do you pre-plan for that??

This was a complicated call

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Slow start to winter!

Its been weeks since we have done a call out. Very slow fall, hope this doesn’t mean a crazy winter season….

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End of the dry spell.

Finally got called out today for a rescue of a fella who had his quad roll over on him. Unfortunately i was on the main lake fishing when i got the call and was to late to get there to be of any help. Its to bad, the fishing was hot!

I have been stopped many times this past few weeks by folks that have seen the show, very positive remarks and feed back. Almost all stated they were surprised at what we do and at what level we are trained. Also many thanks and words of appreciation for doing this volinteer

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Was called out for 2 young males who were caught out on the top of a cliff off of a popular hiking trail in the city of Trail. They thought it would be a short cut but ended up losing light and became stuck. SAR and local fire rescue crews walked them out. They lite several fires on the side of the mountain to attract attention to their situation.

Another example of poor planning…….

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Rope Team Practice

On the tower tonight with the crew, bloody cold up on the steel. Winter is here for sure. I think we should get a swiftwater practice in before the snow falls.

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Montreal SARSCENE 2010

Back from Montreal tired and full of information.

It was a great few days networking and learning new things. Our presentations seemed to be well recieved and everyone had great things to say about the show. Montreal is an incredible city. It was great to see so many freinds from all over the country and the world!

Saw the second show last night on TV, the

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Back Home

Well… quite a weekend.

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About Chris Armstrong

Chris has been an avid outdoorsman all of his life, having guided countless river rafting, backpacking and mountaineering expeditions over the last 20 years.

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Marine Rescue

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