Better Busy than bored

Wow, two searches in the last 3 days!

On Sunday we rescued a backcountry skier from Russett Lake Hut. He had been trying to ski the Banana Peel on Fissile, cut out a slab Avalanche and crashed into some rocks resulting in a large gash to his upper outside leg. Maybe a little early to go for the big lines…Luckily his friends were able to use a CellPhone to call for help. Not from Russet Hut but a higher ridge (Cowboy)

Tuesday night, on my way to practice a call came in from Squamish SAR requesting assistance evacuating an injured forest worker. The worker had been scouting a new Run-Of-River hydro project when his knee dislocated….luckily he was still with-in CellPhone range and we didn’t have to search for him.

About 30 SAR Members from Lions Bay, Squamish and Whistler converged to help with the stretcher carry out to the ambulance. It took about 3 hours we finished just as the rain started to come down.

Today in Whistler it is snowing (and sticking).

Bring on Winter!!!

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Rope Rescue

I was in Chilliwack doing my Rope Rescue Evaluation last weekend (Oct 1,2,3). I passed. I received 84% on my written and you have to be right on during the practical, all day Saturday and Sunday.

Really great to see SAR members from:
Central Fraser Valley,
and our hosts Chilliwack.

Still no resolution of the Place Glacier or Tyler Wright searches…


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Place Glacier Search

Just back from 3 days in Pemberton. We have been looking for 2 hikers that went up onto the Place Glacier last weekend.

They were reported missing Wednesday night and we found their car Thursday morning on a logging road that accesses the area. Four full days of searching later and that is still the only definative clue we have. It’s quite a mystery since there were 2 of them and they were doing scrambles like this all summer and had most of the equipment we like people to have. EXCEPT a Map and Compass, they were not known to have.

Still looking, still hoping for a positive outcome.


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Test post

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Gavin’s First Post

Here’s Gavin’s first post.

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